How it all started... 

With a group of enthousiastic and driven psychology students, we decided we wanted to create a Belgian Federation for Psychology Students. We worked hard, we worked long, but it was all worth it. We are very proud of what we achieved and we hope that BFPS will continue to grow.

Creating BFPS wouldn't have been possible without our sponsors.

The creators of BFPS:

Annelies Minne, Sarah Fontaine, Jolien Vandeneynde, Deianara Couwet, Alexander Spriet, Eline Camp, Kato Colombet, Amber Venken, Eva Van Heck, Arne Hendrickx

collage (1).png

Our logo represents the core values of BFPS:
The circles symbolise unity, the leaves represent our focus on growth, the graduation cap represents our academic focus and the Greek letter psi represents our passion for psychology.