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How it all started... 

Even though BFPS was officially launched in September 2020, the idea had been on our minds and hearts for a while. It all started with a group of students from Leuven who, inspired by the European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations (EFPSA), decided to start a Belgian organisation for psychology students. This idea spread further to Ghent which then became the starting point for the creation of BFPS.

In the past, with no national organisation to rely on, gathering students’ concerns and/or opinions wasn’t an easy task. BFPS wants to bridge that gap and represent psychology students across the whole country. By sharing useful information, partnering with professional and student organisations, and organising events, our goal is to provide students with equal opportunities to develop themselves. In doing that, our core values are: inclusivity, integrity, diversity, teamwork, being future-oriented and academic excellence.

We just set up the foundation, but we believe this organisation will continue to develop and grow thanks to its volunteers. So if our vision speaks to you, why don’t you join our team? Keep an eye on our social media and the become a volunteer page to apply.

Our Story: About Us

Meet the founders



Our Story: Meet the Team

Our logo represents the core values of BFPS:
The circles symbolise unity, the leaves represent our focus on growth, the graduation cap represents our academic focus and the Greek letter psi represents our passion for psychology.

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