BFPS aims to unite all psychology students on a national and international level and to enrich their academic experience by providing opportunities.
Additionally, BFPS aims to represent the voices of psychology students
in the professional and academic field.
Finally, BFPS strives to make a positive impact on society and the general perception of psychology.

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Provide networking & educational opportunities
Represent Belgian psychology students
Partner with regional, national and international organisations


We're looking for volunteers!

We're looking for enthusiastic psychology students who are up for a new adventure! 

Applications are open right now!


Upcoming Events

  • Second Semester Applications
    Online Applications
    Feb 22, 12:00 AM – Feb 26, 11:59 PM
    Online Applications
    Join our team! Second semester applications are now open. This is your last chance to join us at BFPS for this academic year of 2020-2021. Find out which positions we need YOU for (bfps.be/becoming-a-volunteer). Don't hesitate to apply or contact us in case you have questions. Open until 26/02/2021
  • IPSE International Event
    Online Event
    Mar 12, 1:00 PM GMT+1 – Mar 14, 8:00 PM GMT+1
    Online Event
    IPSE is organizing a major online International Psychology Students Event hosted by US - PAB, in collaboration with universities all over Europe! Register for the event and get to know other psychology students and broaden your insights!
  • EFPSA Congress 2021
    Apr 20, 12:00 AM GMT+2 – Apr 24, 11:59 AM GMT+2
    In April the EFPSA is back with an online congress for psychology students. The theme of this year's edition is ''The Paradox of an Open Mind: Cycling Through Controversies''. We hope to see you there! Scroll down to register!



Future psychological professional, expand your knowledge and social network by getting involved.

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