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Presidential Office

Leads, supports and guides the entire organisation – and the Board of Management in particular.

This position has been filled
Vice president
This position has been filled
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Policy Team

Engages with current affairs and hot topics related to psychology (students) and handles these from a student representative mindset.

For example: getting clarity about the supervised professional internship for clinical psychologist ("extra internship year")

Work Desk

Secretary Office

Serves as a central point of contact and information.
Manages the website and central mailbox.
Ensures that everyone is up to date at all times.


Finance Office

Manages BFPS’ bank account.

Takes care of partnerships, sponsorships and grants.

Finance Coordinator
This position has been filled
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External Relations Office

Develops and maintains BFPS’ external collaborations, with the goal of sharing best practices and improving each other's visibility.

ER Coordinator
This position has been filled
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Events Office

Organises congresses, networking events, educational events and international and intercity exchanges for psychology students.


Marketing Office

Develops and maintains the branding and professional external image of BFPS.
Promotes content on social media to keep our audience engaged.

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Impact Office

Wants to break the stigma of mental health through the implementation of social impact initiatives:
- Mind the Mind
- ...

Impact Coordinator
This position has been filled

EFPSA Office

Represents BFPS within EFPSA and promotes EFPSA within BFPS. Makes sure that information, news, activities and opportunities from EFPSA are shared within BFPS.

EFPSA Coordinator
This position has been filled