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Psychologische Kring Leuven is the student organisation for psychology students who study in Leuven. Their main task is representing psychology students in terms of education. They also organize a lot of different activities; sportsevents, cultural events, a cantus, a ball,... They have a 'cursusdienst' where you can get your schoolbooks and are represented in the fakbar Recup.

Make sure to buy your membercard and get discounts in different places!

Check out their Facebook page to see updates about upcoming events.

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PPSR or Psychologische en Pedagogische Studentenraad is the student council of the faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Ghent. Its main goal is to represent students of the faculty. This can be through commissions, work groups with professors, post-docs, faculty staff and the PPSR or through activities important to the education. This ranges from introduction days, hosting study areas, to a week where students come together participate in fun activities.

PPSR is there to let the voice of the faculty students be heard and be an agent in bringing the professors and students closer together. Every month they host a general meeting that is open to everyone and where students often come to talk if they think something is wrong at the faculty.

Finally, they are closely linked to the local student association (VPPK) with whom they organize most of the biggest events.
For more information about their upcoming activities, feel free to visit their website and facebook!

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The “Psycho-Ped’agogische Kring” also known as “PPK” is a student organization at the VUB that addresses students studying psychology and agogics. The organization has many different goals: guiding and helping new students, providing a place where students can meet each other, answering educational questions,… During the academic year, PPK organizes many different events such as sports events, cultural events, parties, and educational activities. The association attaches great importance to equality and solidarity, everyone is welcome to join.

For more information about their upcoming activities, feel free to visit their website and facebook!

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BDE PSP (Bureau des étudiants de la Faculté de Psychologie et des sciences de l’éducation) is mainly responsible for representing the students across our faculty in the catholic university of Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve.

The student council mainly gathers and coordinates the 60 student representatives in the faculty (each student representative being responsible for one to three classes per semester). They organize monthly meetings with all of them in order to tackle all the issues and the questions they might encounter.

They therefore ensure the bridge between the students, the professors and the academic body in general. They are present in all the commissions the faculty has and we also have monthly meetings with the academic body to represent the students.

Apart from that, they also manage other projects such as the sale of second-hand books, tutoring sessions for the first-year students, the organization of different events, the sale of our yearly sweaters, etc.

If you want to reach out, you can follow them on their Facebook page  or Instagram page 

Student Partnerships: Welcome
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