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Vlaamse Vereniging van Klinisch Psychologen

VVKP is the scientific and professional federation of clinical psychologists in Flanders. They represent more than 2500 clinical psychologists: students, researchers and working clinical psychologists. Their mission is to represent your interests! By integrating clinical psychologists in a autonome and worthy way into health-care, they want to make psychological interventions more accessible for the population. They bundle useful information for psychology students on their website.

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Vereniging van Organisatie-, Consumenten en Arbeidspsychologie

VOCAP adressess psychologist and all professionals that are connected to the organizational and human side of the company. They build a bridge between scientifical insights, the reality of the working field and between colleges mutually. Their mission is to support and promote all occupational and organizational psychologists in the development of balanced humans, teams and organizations. You can become a member of VOCAP for free if you’re a student.

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Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences

The Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS) seeks to unite all those interested in the development of psychological sciences and in its applications in Belgium. Its goals are:

  • Facilitating contacts between researchers in Belgium

  • Providing incentives for researchers in Belgium at different stages in their career 

  • Providing an outlet for psychological research in Belgium

  • Representing the values and goals of Belgian psychological scientists at the Belgian, European, and World level

  • Membership at minimal cost with many benefits

They have a Junior  Board, who's mission is to bring together junior scholars (master, PhD, post-doc) in Psychological Sciences from all around Belgium

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