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Affordable Psychological Care for Everyone


Affordable mental health care for everyone from the 1st of september on? That’s what the RIZIV/INAMI, the FOD Volksgezondheid/SPF Santé Publique and the mental health sector announced back in July.


The aim is to provide accessible and affordable psychological help to all who need it. To do so, the federal budget will be expanded to €152 million. This budget increase will allow a compensation of €75 for clinical psychologists and remedial educationalists, which will in turn allow a lower cost for patients (€11 a session). Belgian citizens in need of frontline psychological care will be able to benefit from 8 refunded sessions, whereas those in need of specialized care will benefit from 20.


The goal is to provide care to patients in the shortest amount of time as possible, so that no one would have to wait more than a month to receive the help that they asked for.

What's happening now?

We’re mid-september now, how far are we with this plan? Well, we’re getting there! While refunding isn’t the norm over the country yet, a pilot-project has been started. The pilot will last 2 years and 4 months and consists of selecting a few psychologists for a refunding-project.

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