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European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations

EFPSA represents a highly diverse network of psychology students working on a voluntary basis by and for psychology students of Europe. EFPSA also hosts several online resources and runs its own training service, a research program, a fully-reviewed, open-access Journal, facilitates studying, working and traveling abroad and makes a positive impact on society through social impact campaigns. Altogether EFPSA has positioned itself to provide psychology students with unique and exciting opportunities for academic, professional and personal development. Stimulated by its mission, vision and values, EFPSA continues to expand its presence and visibility within student communities, refine its activities and develop an unrivalled portfolio of opportunities and membership for European psychology students. EFPSA organizes a lot of events; congress, conference, research summer school,...

They have four core goals;

  • To serve psychology students

  • To contribute to society

  • To improve psychology

  • To link professionals, academics and students

Currently, the link between EFPSA and BFPS is a little bit complicated. More specifically, BFPS is currently not a member organization itself, however two of the local student organizations (see below) that are part of BFPS, are also actively involved within EFPSA. It is our goal as BFPS to obtain a Member Organization status in order to be able to connect Belgian psychology students with other European psychology students. If you have any questions in regard to EFPSA and BFPS. Feel free to e-mail us!

Chek out their facebook page to keep updated.

International: TeamMember


International: Team Members


EFPSA Coordinator of Belgium

The EFPSA Coordinator is part of the Board of Management and accountable to the Presidential Office. Their main responsibility is to represent BFPS in EFPSA and to promote EFPSA within BFPS. Besides that they also cooperate with the Belgian vice-MR’s and they are part of EFPSA’s working community.

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