We're looking for new BoM volunteers!

Applications Open 05/04/2021

What are BoM volunteers? BoM is short for the Board of Management. This position in BFPS includes the management or coordination of the different offices. For example, as an Events Coordinator, you are a member of the Board of Management and thus coordinator of the event team members.  

Find more information on the page about BoM, or in the vacancies, you'll find below.

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As President of BFPS you will be leading, supporting and checking the Board of Management. You are responsible of leading and organizing meetings with de BoM and the rest of BFPS. Also, you represent BFPS to the outside of the world.



As the vice-president you support the President in leading and checking the Board of Management. You are in charge of the internal relations and you present and represent BFPS at professional events. 



As Secretary General you are responsible for providing a central point of contact (internal and external). You maintain an overview of the webmasters and check their evolution in their tasks. You coordinate the work, tasks, and projects. You communicate with all the other offices to ensure that everyone is up to date at all times. You prepare the Board of Management meetings and finalise the reports.



As the External Relations Coordinator your main task is to represent BFPS at external events. You organize and maintain documentation regarding external relations. You guide and support our relationships with existing partners.



As Marketing Coordinator, you're responsible for supporting, guiding, and overseeing the promotional aspects of BFPS. You ensure that all promotional material follows the right guidelines and statutes. You oversee the scheduling of the promo and support the Marketing Office.



As Events Coordinator, you review the Events Offices' action plans and updates about their work. You facilitate contact between the other offices and help manage the social media of BFPS. You oversee that all events are organized according to the statutes, mission and values of BFPS. You work closely with the marketing office.



As the Finance Coordinator, you are responsible for keeping the Board of Management up to date about the financial status of BFPS. You maintain the finances and oversee the annual budget. You guide the Grants Responsible, Partnerships Responsible, and Sponsorships Responsible.



As EFPSA Coordinator you represent BFPS in EFPSA. You get a vote on behalf of BFPS at the General Assemblies held by EFPSA. You promote BFPS in EFPSA (events, services, other facilities). You communicate between BFPS and EFPSA and more!


Please send the following information to [Subject: BoM application - Your Name]

1. A PDF file containing 'basic information': 

  • How old are you?

  • How many ECTS credits were you registered for in 2020-2021?

  • For how many ECTS credits did you pass in the first semester of 2020-2021?

  • At which university are you a student?

2. A file that contains proof that you are a student AND contains the amount of ECTS you are registered for [mostly through a standard procedure on your universitiy's student portal].

3. Your motivation containing the following information: 

  • Describe in 3 sentences what you expect of this position?

  • Describe why you are interested in this specific position? (Approximately 250 - 500 words)

  • Describe one change you would really want to achieve during your mandate?

  • Describe one project/task/activity that you would definitely want to proceed with during your mandate? (What do you value and want to continue with?)

  • If there is anything else you would like to share that could be insightful for this application, feel free to write 200-300 words (optional).

4. Your CV in PDF file.

Deadline of Application: 16th of April 23:59

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